Outsourced Human Resources

External help to manage critical Human Resources tasks

Stop trying to navigate the murky waters of HR alone. With Bucher Consulting for Human Resources (BC4HR) as your trusted partner, outsourcing Human Resources means welcoming us in. We become part of your team and seamlessly handle all aspects of HR for you. We’ll be present in your business gaining crucial knowledge about your internal operations to advise and serve you effectively.

Benefits of BC4HR Outsourced Human Resources:

  • Full integration: We form part of your team, serving as the single point of contact for all HR employee inquiries, including insurance, 401K, and retirement plan questions, Paid Time Off and FMLA requests, and more.
  • Vendor management: We ensure all products and services meet your needs, whether it’s a payroll company, applicant tracking system, benefit brokers, or temporary agencies.
  • Internal communications: Our process is seamless for updating employees regarding time-sensitive policy changes and business activity. We’ll inform them promptly of mandated, legal, or internal changes within the company.

For San Diego clients, human resources consulting and outsourcing HR functions  are our most popular services. Not local? Our national clients rely on us to help manage their HR and staffing needs remotely.

Need help with individual HR projects or added support for your HR Manager? Our HR Projects are an excellent solution.

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