Human Resources Projects

HR is multifaceted and complex. BC4HR takes the burden off your hands.

Bucher Consulting for Human Resources (BC4HR) is your trusted partner to help you check the necessary HR tasks off your list. We take the time to walk you through every step and deliver thorough, fully compliant materials.

Our Most Popular HR Project Offerings:

Employee Handbooks. Customized to reflect your company culture and fulfill employment law to a T.

Benefit Plans. BC4HR’s comprehensive process includes a benefit plan audit and cost analysis, broker selection, employee polling, and negotiation with carriers. We’ll present concrete recommendations that make you confident in your offerings to employees.

Employee Terminations. Sometimes the employee fit just isn’t there. We know the law and can help you navigate this difficult process with compassion and an even hand, remaining respectful of all parties involved.

Onboarding Programs. Set every new hire up for success with a meaningful, well-developed onboarding experience. We’ll design and implement an effective onboarding program matched to your unique business.

Performance Management. Let us take the reins, from identifying and developing top talent, to maintaining an updated succession plan, to creating timely development plans for non-performers. Or opt for a staff development training session and take things in-house.

HR Legal Compliance Audits. Leverage BC4HR’s Legal Compliance expertise to ensure your company complies with State and Federal Employment Laws. We’ll also advise on best practices to address your industry’s unique challenges.

Looking for comprehensive services? Check out our Outsourced HR and Staff Development solutions.


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