Is your HR department equipped and ready to handle a potential workplace emergency or crisis event?

“Whether an organization survives a crisis with its financial condition, operations, and reputation intact is determined less by the severity of the event than by the timeliness and effectiveness of the response.” H. Fred Garcia – Effective Leadership Response to Crisis

What is a Crisis or Potential Crisis in the Workplace?

Active shooter with multiple casualties. (This will be discussed later in our upcoming blog series).
A fully-engulfed structure fire.
A cyber break impacting customer information.
Flu bug impacting department or pandemic outbreak shutting down critical business operations. Remember the 2009 flu pandemic in the U.S. of a novel strain of the Influenza A/ H1N1 virus, commonly referred to as “swine flu” that began in the spring of 2009?
Flash flooding cause severe damage to various company sites.

As an HR Manager, Ask Yourself:

Are you ready to respond to any crisis, including a workplace violence or active shooter incident?
Are you confident in your organization’s ability to safely protect of your people?
Have you done what you can to mitigate or reduce the impacts that a workplace violence incident may have on your people, operations, reputation and future?
Stay tuned for our upcoming articles and get the knowledge you need to be a responsible HR Manager in the event of a crisis!

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